Turning Our Video Series Into Social Media Content

(7/7) How we posted our content

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Joseph Virtue
Turning our video series into social media content cover graphics


In this video we’ll show you how our content comes together for scheduling.

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What's up everybody, Joe Virtue here, welcome back to another video. Today, we're going to look at the full behind the scenes on how we post our content. So once we have the MP4 ready, the MP3, the graphics, the copy, how do we actually go and execute that to schedule it for social media content? That will cover YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Anchor for our podcast, Web Flow for our blog and then, yeah, it's pretty cool. Show you all of that stuff. 

All right, so let's jump right in. First off, we start by scheduling our YouTube videos, we create a new project, we come in and upload our MP4, we grab our titles from our copy, the description for the episodes, the links we already laid out in the Google doc and our hashtags. We then select our thumbnail from our graphics and just finish filling out the settings. So that is it, that's all we do to schedule our YouTube videos. Next is Anchor and this is what we use to power our podcast. This series is definitely a visual series, it's not really built for being a podcast, but we figured this would be a good backlog for our podcast, as well as show how you would schedule it for videos and topics that do display well on audio. So this is where we upload our MP3, add our title, our descriptions, and then just the episode stuff. That's it, that's all we do to schedule out our podcasts. 

Then next we go and build our blog, so this is our CMS database we created in Web Flow. Here we've got the titles, the descriptions, we pull in the graphics for the episode, the full transcript we use here for SEO purposes. We then grab the link to YouTube, which pulls in our MP4, and then our link for our podcast. Then we throw our tips in here, as well as a thumbnail, so pretty slick. All right, next for our social media posts, we use a really cool software called Social Pilot. This lets us hookup all of our social media pages and then as we add in a new post, it can tell us the limitations of each platform. So like Twitter it'll be like, all right, there's a limitation for copy, how many images you can upload, there might be a minimum, a maximum. So really cool. So here's what's coming out tomorrow, we've got our posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. That's the last tip for this week and then it'll go into our new episode graphic.

We've got 228 scheduled out, I think we had somewhere north of 300. So that's what we do to schedule all of our social media. It really is about creating a structure of picking a topic, going and filming it, start with video so you can pull the audio, you can then make graphics based on it, you can then write copy about it, you can use transcriptions. So much power if you start with the video, it is not complicated. Break it down into each step, plan, film, and then work on building all the small components for the social media content. Look at the copy as a different project, look at the graphics as a different project, and then bring them all together at the end.

If you've got any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. Otherwise hopefully you found this video series helpful. We're actually going to do something really cool, our next video series is going to be showing you how we actually make the graphics, the copy, edit the stuff in iMovie for this series. This series is a short series so that we can show you how to actually build the content. That's gonna be really cool, be on the lookout for that. We'll see you in the next one.

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