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(4/4) How we make our social media copy

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Joseph Virtue
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In this video series we will show you how we made all of our social media content (videos, graphics, and copy) for our series Turning our video series into SM content. In this video we’ll show you our process for writing our social media post copy.

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So now we're going to start working on the social media post copy. So we've completed the tips. We know what the copy is gonna be on the graphics. So now we're gonna go write the copy. So the first thing we're gonna do is create a template. So this will have like our hashtags and the link to the series.

Once I have that little template, I'll just copy and paste under each of the tip titles, and then we will start writing our post copy. So a couple things we're thinking about when we're starting is we wanna determine which content type it's gonna be. Is it gonna be inspirational, educational entertainment or persuasive?

So in this case it'll be educational. So we had wanna have that underlying tone with our content. For our posts, we're aiming for 280 characters and that includes the links and the hashtags. So the actual copy related to the post will be short and sweet and to the point. And our main goal is to use this copy as a hook to draw them in, to watch the video series.

So it's not a full explanation of the tip. It is just a hook to get them to go and watch the long form. So that is it that wrap up how we make our social media content. The last thing we'll do is go and schedule this using social pilot. And that is how we create our content for our video series.

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