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Joseph Virtue
How we make our social media content cover graphic


In this video series we will show you how we made all of our social media content (videos, graphics, and copy) for our series Turning our video series into SM content. In this video we’ll take a deep dive into how we make our graphics for our social media content

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All right. So we're gonna pop over into affinity designer and get our template for the social media tip graphics. So we will start with a graphic size for Facebook and Instagram, one for LinkedIn Twitter, and then one for P. So I popped open the old template that we used from the last series as like a starting reference.

And then I started throwing in some different colors. I went with the Instagram gradient. I then grabbed the social media icons that I'd used on the video release graphics. And then I just started playing around with it from there. Just worried if the, some of the longer words will run over all of that.

And it'll look weird, but ironically, I actually like that better than the. Okay. Series graphics. That kind of turned out. I kinda liked the coloring. Once I had the first variation done, I started implementing that across all of the artboards that I needed it. And then I started working on the Pinterest variation.

And then finished with the LinkedIn and Twitter variation, got all the coloring. And then it was just about changing the text to match the copy from the docs. This is where, when I'd make any final tweaks to make sure words weren't too long for each of the posts. And that was it.

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