Turning Our Video Series Into Social Media Content

(2/7) How we filmed our series

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Joseph Virtue
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New Episode Released! In this video we’ll show you what went into filming our series and what equipment we used.

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What's up guys, I'm Joe Virtue. We are going to jump into our second episode of our impromptu series. I guess we should name it, Turning Our Video Series into Social Media Content? Something like that, need to come up with a name. This video, I wanted to cover how we filmed the videos. What software we used and how we edited it, converted it, got the intro/outros on there. So to start, what did we use? Like run of the mill webcams, they were 20, 40 bucks on Amazon. I think they were Logictech, nothing special, put them on top of our computers, nothing crazy. Did not put any effort into the lighting, the backgrounds, filmed it, kind of just went for it. That was our first video series, we were on in person, so it was kind of intimidating trying to explain and teach and that family dynamic on video when you're gonna film it and then put it out as your content. So that was fun.

For our software, that we spent a lot of time searching for really good software. Using it now, Ecamm Live is by far the best video software I could find. It's kind of like OBS, I've used their pro mode you can pull in other people. So we were in different locations and I could just pull him into my computer, set him on the backstage, bring him up, set up different scenes, super handy, super powerful. Would definitely recommend Ecamm Live, great tool, worth checking out. So before we started filming, we probably spent an hour, maybe two hours, kind of like writing out the rough plan of how are we going to film. Once the videos were done in Ecamm, we exported just the MP4's, I then opened up iMovie on my Mac and did the editing there.

I created the intro and outro on PlaceIt, I've not ever made an intro and outro, I didn't want to hire anybody, kind of wanted to do it myself so it'd be easy for other people to follow along and recreate something similar. So I think I found a template on Placeit, added the images, added the music, and that's really where we started. That was all that went into filming the videos. So it was simple setups, it was not a lot of backend prep, it was great software. We just used the AirPods for audio, didn't have any mics or anything else set up and that's how we set up for our video series. We figured we needed to do it, it's better to get it done than to try to perfect it.

Thank you, Gary V for that advice, we just went for it. We just didn't overthink it. We figured every series we could improve. I did spend about five hours watching a series on how to use Ecamm. So as you can see, it did not take much to get going, it really was the difficulty was psychologically just getting going. So I'd really encourage you, if you've got a video series you want to make, go out and make it, film it, start with video for sure. It makes everything else so much simpler moving down the road. Start with video, put yourself on camera, don't worry about it, don't overthink it. It's good to have a series backlogged and every series you can work on getting better. That's something we changed on this series, I'm now using the Elgato face cam. Looked into DSLRs and using the Elgato cam link, took those up, kinda got a little pricey.

But I think the Elgato face cam was under 200 bucks. Great improvement, in my opinion, for the video quality. Slowly we're going to improve over time, it's really about getting the first series out, getting comfortable on camera, being on camera, and moving from there. Hopefully you found this video helpful, if you've got any questions or comments, suggestions, throw them in the comments and we appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for reading!

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