Turning Our Video Series Into Social Media Content

(4/7) Writing the copy for our series

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Joseph Virtue
Turning our video series into social media content cover graphics


In this video we’ll show you our process for writing and staging our copy for our video series.

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Weekly tips

Layout the copy you need + restrictions

Have one staging place for all your copy

Have a consistent brand voice

Start by working backwards

Complete all your copy before posting

Transcribe your videos for your blog


What's up guys, I'm Joe Virtue, and in this video we're going to discuss what went into creating the copy for our Teaching Web Flow to My Dad series. So there are a bunch of facets to consider when we're doing the copy, we first transcribe all of our videos. We pull the entire transcriptions from the MP3s and we use those in our blogs. We then use descriptions for the podcast episodes, for the YouTube videos. We then have to come up with hashtags, descriptions, a list of links to our social media platforms, any relevant sites that we talked about during the series. We then have to write all the copy for the actual social media posts for when the videos are getting published. Then we also go and write copy for each of the tip social media posts. That's the rough elements of what go into our copy, so most of our social media content, we just cap out at 280 characters since that's Twitter's limit. 

We find it's much easier to write at once for all social media platforms. It is a lot of work by the time you start worrying about editing videos, cleaning up audio, creating graphics, writing all this copy. Copy is not where we excel at, so we cut a little corner there. We spend a lot of time laying out our copy in a Google doc, but it is really helpful to start breaking down the smallest bits of copy you're going to need on one side and on the other side take your biggest chunks of copy. We start with transcriptions over here, figure out how we're gonna utilize that, and then figure out the smallest building blocks of the copy we're gonna need. So hashtags, the links, those are things that we can build once and reuse for all of the content for the series.

Figuring out where we're going to have to write the copy for, knowing that we've got a blog, knowing we've got a podcast, knowing we've got YouTube, knowing we've got our general social media where the graphics will be getting posted. Once you know what the requirements and restrictions are for each of those social media channels, you can then start creating parameters to how you're wanting to compile all of the copy. We find it is easier to have all of the copy written out before we post our first piece of content, then rewriting copy daily for each post. So it really helps us streamline the process and become more efficient and more cohesive. I hope you enjoyed.

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