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Joseph Virtue
How we make our social media content cover graphics


In this video series we will show you how we made all of our social media content (videos, graphics, and copy) for our series Turning our video series into SM content. In this video we will start working on our copy template.

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All right, let's start tackling our copy. So I've created a Google doc and I have a nice little outline in here for us to start filling in, starting off with our hashtags. So we'll do some that are specific to the brand, as well as some of them specific to the series. Next we're gonna create a description.

That'll go on our podcast and the YouTube videos. We refer on 280 characters. Then next do our links. So we sort those into two groups one for the specific series and then our just general social and website links. And then lastly, I'm just gonna give a quick title to each of our videos, and then I'll start creating a layout for the tips related to each video.

And then we'll also add in our template for each of the episode release. Copy. Next, we're gonna tackle the video titles. I'm gonna go into the videos re-listen to them, and then we'll come up with our titles. All right. Now that we've got our video titles, we're gonna go through and pull tip ideas from the videos.

We're gonna aim for six a piece. So we've got one for every other day of the week. So because I'm using these tip titles for my copy on my social media graphics, I'm being very thoughtful about how I'm wording them. So I roughly want four aligned breaks. That'll be 10 characters or less. So either two short words are one longer words.

I'm being more methodical than I would be if I was not using it on my graphic. All right. So that is a rough outline for our tip titles. So what we're gonna do is once we figure out how we're gonna lay out that copy on the actual graphics, we might end up changing or tweaking the words around.

So they fit properly. If we use the same setup we did on the previous series. We'll then start to write out all of the copy for each of the tip posts, as well as the post, when we're scheduling out or putting out the video.

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