Turning Our Video Series Into Social Media Content

(1/7) How we prepared for our series

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Joseph Virtue
Turning our video series into social media content cover graphics


In this video we will discuss what went into making our video series, Teaching webflow to my dad. Enjoy!

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Weekly tips

Start with video

Build off of past experience

Talk on something you know or enjoy

Document don’t create

Break down into smaller pieces

Start now - adjust along the way


What's up guys, Joe Virtue, virtuecreative.com. So this is the start of an impromptu series where we're going to discuss and cover how we turned our video recordings from teaching web flow to my dad, and how we turned it into social media content. So by the time you're watching this, that series has concluded, you can go onto YouTube and check it out. But at the time of recording this only half the series is out, so we figured it'd be a great chance to film a second series showing how we turned our 10 hours of filming into 13 weeks of social media content. This series will probably be four to five episodes in total so it'll be shorter.

In this episode, I just wanted to go over a couple of key starting decisions we made before we filmed the first series. The first one being, how did we prepare? We have done a couple of previous series on our social media, but we did not start with video, we did graphics and copy. It's really hard to start with those and build up, we looked into doing some GIFs or some quick slides of the graphics we made, but we didn't really come up with anything. So we knew before we picked the topic that we wanted to start with something we could film, that was our starting point. Then that way we can pull audio from that for a podcast. We can take the video and break it up into smaller shorts or clips for TikTok and YouTube,  and post those on the other platforms. We tried to create content for YouTube, TikTok, Podcast, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and our blog. 

Starting with video, we had a full series content we could put on YouTube, we could chop that up for YouTube shorts, TikTok, audio went to the podcast. We then decided to pull tips from those videos and turn those tips into our daily social media posts. So our videos, our video blog and podcast went out weekly, then for the other six days of the week, we wanted graphics and social media posts related to the video series. So we pulled tips from each video and wrote the copy to go along with it. We had all of our bases covered, so that's how we went in the mindset of doing that. A couple of the next videos we'll go over how we filmed the videos, what equipment we used, what software we used. In a video we'll go over how we converted it to audio, got that on the podcast. We'll have an episode going over where we make our graphics, how we make our graphics, how we write the copy, what copy we write, pulling in hashtags, descriptions, all of that stuff. Then the last video will be how we distribute it, to post it on the social media platforms, to schedule it and all that good stuff. Hopefully this series will provide some insight and that kind of a glimpse into the backend of how we made this first series happen.  Enjoy.

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