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(3/7) Audio setup for our series

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Joseph Virtue
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In this video we’ll go over our audio setup, and how we processed it for our podcast.

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Weekly tips

Audio quality is so important


Equipment works in your environment

Find software to do basic editing

Invest in a high-quality mic

Test several microphones


What's up guys, I'm Joe Virtue and in this video, we're going to talk about the audio treatment for our previous series. It was very straightforward, it's going to be a very short video. For our equipment, all we were using were Apple AirPods and a set of AirPods for both our input and our output. This is what we were listening to each other on and the final output that went into Ecamm, very simple. Once we had the MP4, we pulled the MP3 file from that in iMovie, we then ran that through just some simple software to clean it up, get rid of the peaks and valleys. That is it, that's all we did for treating it.

After that we exported the MP3 files and saved it for when we were going to distribute it. So that is all that went into the audio files. Great if you start with an MP4, you can pull an MP3 audio file, run it through some software to clean it up, don't need fancy equipment. However, in this video series right underneath me here, we did upgrade to an actual mic, so hopefully the audio quality is better. The Shure MV7, if you think the audio is better in this series, let us know your thoughts in the comments. Very curious to see if you can tell the difference, if you listened to both series and how that played out. We did notice using the AirPods that we ran into some audio issues, some glitching, some feedback issues.

That is why we decided to upgrade to the mic. AirPods probably okay to start with, especially if you're just filming a video by yourself, but having two people or running them into a software, like Ecamm, did get a little touch and go there for a little bit. We did lose a couple sections cause our audio got really bad, might be able to still hear it in some of the videos. So definitely recommend switching to a mic, tested a couple of mics, we tested the Beacon, we tested some Rode's. After hearing all the audio qualities and the simple software that you can install to edit or change the settings on the Shure, on the desktop before you film. Very simple, definitely recommend this mic. Hope you enjoyed the video, we'll see you in the next one.

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