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Joseph Virtue
How we make our social media content cover graphics


In this video series we will show you how we made all of our social media content (videos, graphics, and copy) for our series Turning our video series into SM content.

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What's going on, everyone. Welcome to the start of our newest series, how we make our social media content. So in our previous limited series, we figured we would outline our process for how we make our social media content, but because we'd already made the social media content for our first series, we figured we would make that series so we could make this.

In this series, we are going to turn the second series into social media content. So right now we've only filmed the videos in E cam. We've got the raw MP four S and we're gonna show you the start to finish process of how we're gonna turn it into social media content. So now that we've got our files uploaded, our first goal is to shorten the videos as much as possible.

We'll do this without trying to cut into the idea or the story of the video. This will help make our series more consumable. To do this, we'll focus on cutting out any of the unwanted parts of the videos, as well as speeding up any of the boring sections of the videos that we still want to show the process for.

We've almost finished with the editing of the MP four S so we are gonna go in and make a intro and out. So we're gonna go to place it and find a pre-built template and come up with a style and feel that we want for this series. So let's pop over there. All right. So we're now in place it we're looking for a video intro that kind of matches the style of the series.

I'm just playing around with some that kind of look modern, have some shapes, something that's not quite well defined or lock us in for the rest of the. So you can see I'm testing some different variations here, playing around with different colors, trying to match the, our brand style scape.

I think I had narrowed it down to two at this point. And then I was just testing the length of both them. So now I'm picking out some music, and then placing them into iMovie and that's all it took to get the MP 4s prepared. So now to.

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